Next Gen Excavator Simulator Student

Our simulators motion systems accurately represent the full range of whole body vibrations a user will feel when the simulated machine is running during training exercises. Users can experience forward/backward and left and right tilt as well as up and down movement. Users will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed for controls and applications, they will also learn how to make the precision movements necessary to increase productivity, better learn tipping points on machines and much more.

  • Denver Metro area location vs. out of town location
  • Avoids fuel cost and engine maintenance
  • Machines stay in use for production at the job site
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment vs. OTJ training
  • Helps keep ERM stats lower for positive effect on workers comp
  • One instructor can train multiple operators at once 
  • Offers customized group training option packages at special rates

After simulator training an excavator operator was able to reduce his cycle time by 90 seconds. All other things being equal, every 30 second reduction in cycle time represents a savings of $12,000 on a $30,000 CY project and a savings of $40,000 on a $100,000 CY project.  

  • Operators gain practical knowledge and skills and learn from their mistakes on a simulator vs. an actual machine
  • Avoids equipment, property damage or injuries vs. OTJ training
  • Teaches safety beyond the operation aspect – teaches students to be knowledgable and confident with the machine controls and overall machine operation – peddles, sticks, etc. 
  • Teaches students how to scan surroundings and become a defensive operator
  • Helps find and train the right new operators through pre-screen and assessment of operator’s current skills
  • Helps prepare new operators with comprehensive skill building and safety education tuned to their individual needs
  • Takes existing operators to a whole new level of safety and productivity
  • Training can be self-paced 
  • Details operator’s current skill set and improvements
  • Tracks each user individually and measures their current skills against benchmarks
  • Builds operator confidence by recording skills improvements
  • Measures metrics including fuel consumption, production metrics, and safe operations practices 
  • Preventative maintenance training
  • Machine walk-around training for safety and machine maintenance best practices
  • Improves skills in getting done faster and safer
  • Trains on all aspects of equipment and provides full understanding of how to get the most out the equipment
  • Recommend two – 4 hour day sessions per operator
  • 4 hours of seat time on simulator is equivalent to 4 days of hands-on training
  • Train during downtime, bad weather, and non-field time
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Large wheel loaders
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Heavy construction dozers
  • Motor graders
  • Articulated trucks
  • Federal/State
  • AHA
  • Counts towards OJT training requirements for contractors


Customer Benefit


Faster Training

45% to 70% Faster



Productivity Improvements


Equipment Usage Reduction


Training Costs

50% – 75% Cost Reduction

Wheel loader loading dirt