Large Wheel Loader Training Exercises

The Large Wheel Loader training modules cover the following topics:

Walkaround. Learn pre-operation machine inspection procedures.
Controls Familiarization. Learn and understand the operator controls.
System Tests. Learn how to test different systems, including the Backup Alarm Test, Service Brake Test, Parking Brake Test, Secondary Steering Test and more.
Driving. Learn to operate the unloaded machine uphill, downhill, long distance and through turns. 
Loading And Dumping The Bucket. Learn to load an empty bucket with material and unload into a 777G  Off-Highway Truck.
Load And Carry. Learn to load at a stockpile and carry material with the bucket.
Dumping Into Crusher. Learn the proper techniques to load the bucket with material and feed it into the rock crusher.
Truck Loading. Learn proper spotting, loading and V-pattern techniques to load a 777G Off-Highway Truck.
Open Training. Allows instructor to expand functionality of simulator to customize training for each user according to individual needs.
Large Wheel Loader Simulator
Large Wheel Loader loading dirt

Experience More Features

  • Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, French, Danish & Chinese
  • Motion Platform: The simulator is available with a motion platform that allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises.
  • Exercises can be used in either day or night mode.
  • Three 43” front monitors make a large viewing area. 

Large Wheel Loader Training Measurements

The Large Wheel Loader measures results in the following areas:

  • Execution Time
  • Productivity
  • Fuel Burned
  • Loading Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Weight of Material Moved
  • Maximum Bucket Height
  • Time Spent with Wheels Slipping
  • Maximum Forward Speed
  • Weight of Material Moved
  • Distance Maneuvered
  • Number of Trucks Loaded
  • Loading Efficiency
  • Number of Times Truck was Spotted Incorrectly
Large Wheel Loader in Simulator 1
Large Wheel Loader in Simulator 2
Large Wheel Loader in Simulator 3
Wheel loader loading dirt