Training current and future workers in the construction industry.

NEXT GEN EQUIPMENT TRAINING is working with the Construction Education Foundation (CEF) here in Colorado to help train current and future workers in the construction industry.  Our specialty is heavy equipment operator training using high-tech and cutting edge equipment simulators.  Next Gen supplied training scholarships to CEF and we want to share a video that highlights one of the outstanding students that recently attended a training session with the Next Gen instructor at our training facility in Golden, CO. In the words of the instructor “Ruby is a natural operator, she blew us all away with her abilities and skills while operating wheel loaders and excavators.  She has the touch and should really consider equipment operation as a career path!”

Some information about the Construction Education Foundation:

The Construction Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to construction industry workforce development in Colorado. The Foundation has awarded tens of thousands of scholarship dollars to education and community based programs since 2002.

The mission of the Construction Education Foundation is to serve as an advocate for the construction industry by creating and administering programs to recruit, develop, and educate a diverse group of workers for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

More information about Construction Education Foundation

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