Wheel Loader & Excavator - Simulator Experienced Equipment Operators (Civil Contractor)

“Very useful  and informative, learned a lot about loader walk-around.”

“Lots of detail and information about excavator walk-around.  Favorite part – Open question and answer session.”

Large Wheel Loader in Simulator 1

Excavator - Simulator New Equipment Operator (Civil Contractor)

“I learned how to backfill and use my bucket for the grade.” 

“Favorite part – When I dug the trench and set the trench box and pipe.” “Favorite part – Digging footings with the excavator.” 

“I learned to speed up the operation.”

Excavator Simulator training

Wheel Loader - Simulator Experienced Equipment Operator (Civil Contractor)

“I learned some things I did not know about the walk-around.” 

“Favorite part – Loading trucks.”

Large Wheel Loader in Simulator 2

Excavator - Simulator Experienced Equipment Operator (Civil Contractor)

“I learned that there are more parts on the tracks that have to be inspected.”

“I learned a new strategy while loading dump trucks that is less time consuming and more effective.”

“I wouldn’t change or add anything. I think this program is very helpful.”

“I really like the virtual reality googles and 3-D operation part.”

Excavator Simulator training

Business Owners (Civil Contractors)

“Next Gen tailored the simulator sessions to meet our diverse operator training needs, great job.”

“They listened to our requests, asked us questions to help target the training sessions and the instructor was really good and informative.”

“The training was not expensive, the value was excellent.”


Safety, productivity, efficiency, and more...

“Most important item in the heavy equipment world is safety, and it is the same on the simulator. There are several safety factors that come up during the entire training scenarios on the simulator. After safety comes productivity, efficiency and proper machine operation. In these categories the students learn how to operate the machine without putting unnecessary stress on the entire machine and to do it while maintaining todays’ very high productivity expectations.”

– Troy Bombardier, Training Instructor/Design Specialist 

Right equipment and instructors...

“Heavy equipment simulation is an important way of training the operators of tomorrow. Currently, pilots do most of their training in simulators. They don’t get into an airplane until late in the training process. Why should the training of heavy equipment operators be any different? Next Gen has invested in the right equipment and instructors to give any individual a solid foundation as a career operator.”

“Thanks Next Gen for donating to our Colorado Education Foundation and helping us help our construction contractors with their workforce development efforts.”

– Bryan Cook, Executive Director of the Construction Education Foundation/Chapter Operations Director of AGC of Colorado 

Taking operator training to the next level...

“As a former educator with Teach For America, anytime you can take a student and place them in a controlled/focused environment, great things happen. Having the ability to safely qualify a prospective employee’s skillset without having to potentially endanger other employees or our equipment takes operator hiring to the NEXT level!” 

“As a manager, it is my job to set meaningful goals for my employees that are not only measurable, but also positively impact their day-to-day performance and aid them in their own long-term development. With Next Gen’s model, I’m able to achieve all three.

– Justin Matheny, Heavy Equipment Industry Expert

Realistic - Real world applications - Filling a void

“The Next Gen Simulator/Training Center is a much needed tool that the construction industry has been missing for some time. Anyone in construction knows that finding good equipment operators has been a big challenge. Next Gen’s concept gives multiple avenues to help construction companies, new operators, and experienced operators an easy and FUN way to train and practice operating machinery in a completely safe environment. The simulator is about as realistic as it can get to the real thing with cutting edge technology. And real world applications for participants to try, practice, and become proficient on before they get in an actual piece of equipment. I think just the safety factor alone is such a huge advantage with this type of training because when a company hires a new operator…they just don’t know for sure until they get in a machine on whether or not they were true to their word that they knew how to operate it safely and efficiently. I can see Next Gen being a leader in the field of operator training with filling a much needed void in this space.”

– Brad Burris, Wagner Equipment Company

Simulators - A proven viable tool...

“Simulators are a viable training tool in the heavy equipment industry. Remember every time a loved one boards a commercial airplane that every pilot has been through several hours of simulator training before flying the real plane. I have over 8 years in the heavy equipment industry using simulators for training and it is proven to be able to get a new user about 80% trained before they ever sit in the real machine. With OEM controls, switches, buttons, levers on the simulators it teaches the user to learn and use all functions that todays’ modern computer operated equipment come with. It also makes the user feel very at home the first time they get in the real cab as everything looks and functions about the same as it did on the simulator. Over the years simulators for all industries have come a long way and today they are a very viable needed tool for proper and complete training. All airlines, all branches of US military, medical industry and so many more industries and companies utilize simulators in their day to day training either to enhance skills or to train new people into the industries.”

– Troy Bombardier, Training Instructor/Design Specialist

Best expenditure of training dollars...

“Next Gen has taken their expertise in equipment and their expertise in technology and created an amazing tool for training in the construction industry. I have watched individuals with no experience and seasoned operators get on the simulator and learn something new. It is an amazing way to give a new operator a head start in the industry. The additional training modules make this a tool that any company can benefit from. For young people who hadn’t considered this career before, it does two things. It takes the fear out of the unknown and it gives them an experience that encourages them to investigate this industry further. The trainers are experienced and patient. Next Gen could be the best expenditure of your training dollars.”

– Keller Hayes, Transportation & Construction GIRL

Simulator training makes so much sense!

“I personally did not like the idea of simulators when we began using them to train new operators as I have been training without them for several years and I just felt nothing could replace training in the real machine. I am proud to say I was proven WRONG; with simulators we could train more people in a much safer environment in a fraction of the time and we no longer had to take our money making machines and shut them down for training. Simulator training results in better trained operators at much less overall cost to the company. I do understand you cannot replace time in the real machines, but we are able to consistently get our new users about 80% trained via the simulators – meaning an individual can get on the real machine in a productive scenario while they are fine tuning the last 20% of their skills. Not only can simulators train the new users, but they can help to eliminate unnecessary machine abuse, improper operation, and focusing on problem areas with experienced operators.” 

“Over the years simulators for all industries have come a long way and today they are a very viable needed tool for proper and complete training. All airlines, all branches of US military, medical industry and so many more industries and companies utilize simulators in their day to day training either to enhance skills or to train new people into the industries”

– Troy Bombardier, Training Instructor/Design Specialist

Wheel loader loading dirt