Motor Grader Training Exercises

The motor grader training program covers the following topics:

  • Control familiarisation
  • Loading & unloading from lowboy trailer
  • Stuck in mud
  • Windrow management
  • Material spreading
  • Leveling with obstacles
  • V-ditch operations
Trainees learn the fundamentals of motor grader work, including working with the machine interface panel, accurate maneuvering and operation and materials management.
Motor Grader Vortex simulator

Motor Grader Training Measurements

The motor grader simulator measures results in the following areas...and more:

  • Blade efficiency
  • Blade contacts with wheels or obstacles
  • Grade quality
  • Idle time and cycle time
  • Fuel consumption
Instructors generate reports for the student from training sessions, and review current and past performance.
Motor Grader training cab view

Experience More Features

  • A progressive learning program covering skills ranging from controls familiarisation to windrow management, material spreading, V-ditch operations, side-draft, and more.
  • Best-of-class tower crane simulation that ensures trainees understand how a grader works and learn by feel, as on the real equipment

CM Labs Vortex® Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack Video

Wheel loader loading dirt