Hydraulic Excavator Training Exercises

Hydraulic Excavator training covers the following topics:

Machine Walkaround. Learn pre-operation machine inspection procedures to ensure proper operating and safety conditions.
Controls Familiarization. Learn and understand Hydraulic Excavator operator controls.
Bucket Placement. Position excavator bucket in space.
Raking the Green. Position excavator bucket to follow trajectory in a straight line.
Over the Moon. Position excavator bucket to follow arc movements of the stick/boom/bucket combination.
Loading & Off-Loading Machine From Low-Boy Trailer. Learn to load and unload machine properly from trailer following all safety procedures
Trenching. Use bucket to excavate trench.
Backfilling. Learn to properly backfill a trench.
Truck Loading. Load dirt into bucket and dump contents into articulated truck from ground level using “through the gate” technique.
Bench Loading. Learn to load Articulated Truck from bench position.
Setting Trench Box & Pipe. Learn to load and secure the trench box to the machine, move into position and properly lower the pipe into the trench.
Production Cycle. Exercise builds on previous modules to teach user to complete a full production cycle, including unloading machine from trailer, digging trench, setting trench box and pipe, backfilling trench and reloading machine onto trailer.
Quick Coupler. Learn to change tools using the Quick Coupler feature on the machine.
Open Training. Allows instructor to expand functionality of simulator to customize training for each user according to individual needs.
Excavator and Articulated Truck
Excavator cab view

Hydraulic Excavator Training Measurements

The Hydraulic Excavator measures results in the following areas:

  • Execution Time 
  • Average Bucket Positioning Error Vertical 
  • Average Bucket Positioning Error Horizontal 
  • Attack Angle 
  • Stick Angle 
  • Number of Bucket Slams 
  • Number of Other Collisions 
  • Productivity 
  • Length of Trench 
  • Fuel Burned 
  • Volume of Material Moved 
  • Average Dumping Distance of Material 
  • Time Spent Digging Over Final Drive 
  • Average Bucket Alignment Error 
  • Average Bucket Height 
  • Percent Deviation From Projected Path 
  • Number of Collisions Between Bucket and Truck 
  • Maximum Variation of Final Grade
Excavator training exercises
Excavator Simulator Training Exercise

Experience More Features

  • Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, French, Danish & Chinese
  • Motion Platform: The simulator is available with a motion platform that allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises.
  • Choose one or three 43” monitor configurations.

Cat® Simulators Hydraulic Excavator Exercise Demo Video: Trenching

Wheel loader loading dirt