Studies conducted by independent university research labs concluded that:

  • D-BOX enhances memory, leading to better recall

Through high-fidelity motion technology, Simulators can replicate reality and offer optimal training conditions for heavy equipment operators by creating movements, vibrations, and textures that are perfectly synchronized with on-screen visuals.

Next Gen Equipment Training utilizes Simulators with D-BOX technology, resulting in a positive impact on memory and retention capacities:

  • Users experience more cognitive immersion, producing an enhanced experience
  • D-BOX usage mobilizes more areas of the brain (i.e. Frontal Cortex), which better anchors memories by tying current stimuli to past experiences
  • Augmenting the emotional participation of the participant with a multiplier effect on emotions perceived
  • Coordination of senses creates better coherence in messages and movement
  • Memories are anchored in physical stimuli, creating more complete recall
  • Memories created with an associative network are encoded for long-term use

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