To meet Covid-19 requirements, we will limit our class size to a maximum of 9 participants plus the instructor. We also have classroom space that can be rented from Next Gen to accommodate meeting groups of 30 plus participants. The simulator training center and the classroom training center adhere to all CDC, OSHA, Federal, State, and local Covid-19 requirements. 


Instructor led classroom training at Next Gen

  • Our classroom training center is adjacent to our simulator training center room  
  • Our classroom space will accommodate up to 10 total persons while Covid-19 restrictions apply
  • Classroom space at our training center is also available for rent – call us for availability and pricing
Next Gen Equipment Training classroom

Classroom space at Next Gen Training Facility 


Reading & Understanding Civil Plans - Excavation & Grading for Commercial Applications

This course is designed for anyone working in the civil construction industry; Project Managers, Project Engineers, Estimators, Field Engineers, Equipment Operators, Grade Checkers, Laborers or anyone working with civil plans and civil field work.  The course topics noted below are included for reference, this is a one day introductory course.

Heavy equipment civil construction in action 

Civil Plans + Excavation & Grading Course Topics:

  • Street and Subdivision/Development Plans
  • Profiles and Roads
  • Underground Utilities
  • Survey, Cut and Fill Stakes
  • Contour Lines
  • Slopes
  • Elevations
  • Setting Grade
  • Grade Setting Equipment
  • String Lines
  • Laser Levels
  • Crows Feet
  • Staking Cut and Fill
  • Utility Projects
  • Reading a Contour Plan 
  • Staking the Area
  • Using a Laser Level for Parking Lots, Pads, Roads, Trench Work
  • Grading with GPS
  • The Equipment
  • Soil Conditions/Unsuitable Material
  • Planning
  • Excavating for Commercial Buildings
  • Curbs and Paving
  • Compaction Testing
  • Meeting Embankment Standards
  • Meeting Subgrade Standards
  • Selecting the Right Equipment
  • Trenching for Wager Lines
  • Trenching for Sewer Pipe
  • Laying Utility Pipes
  • Pressure Testing Pipes

Delivery of Course:

  • Instructor led (Classroom)  
  • 8 hours, Non-Credit 


  • Participants must be at least 18 years old

Hands on Drone Flight Training & Intro to Drones

We offer two drone training classes including Hands on Drone Flight Training and Intro to Drones for Commercial Applications. 

Drone training at Next Gen
Wheel loader loading dirt