Backhoe Loader Training Exercises

Backhoe loader training program covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the controls and vehicle positioning
  • Loading and unloading from trailer
  • Bucket positioning
  • Earth moving and transport
  • Stockpile management
  • Excavation and grading
  • Truck loading
  • Using the quick coupler
The CM Labs Vortex® training pack also simulates changes in stability and traction as tires are placed under stress by rapid movements or heavy loads — and the simulated backhoe can even tip as a result of instability. This means trainees can feel free to fail without the risk of damaging equipment or themselves. 
Backhoe in simulator
Backhoe simulator shoveling

Backhoe Loader Training Measurements

The backhoe loader simulator measures results in the following areas:

  • Movement efficiency and accuracy
  • Collisions and shock loads
  • Fuel consumption, cycle time, and idle time
  • Volume of material excavated per bucket load and in total
Instructors can generate reports based on customizable scoring parameters, and review against benchmarks or past training sessions.
Backhoe simulator exercises

Experience More Features

  • A progressive learning program covering basic operating skills ranging from maneuvering and controls handling, to trenching, bench loading, and truck loading.
  • On-screen indicators and best-practice hints that enable trainees to learn at their own pace, or as part of an instructor-led training program.

CM Labs Vortex® Backhoe Simulator Training Pack Video

Wheel loader loading dirt