Articulated Truck Training Exercises

Articulated Truck training modules cover the following topics:

Machine Walkaround. Learn pre-operation machine inspection procedures to ensure proper operating and safety conditions.
Controls Familiarization. Understand and master operator controls and proper sequences for machine operations.
Driving. Learn basic movements of the machine using the steering wheel. The operator will drive through two different courses: one that requires articulated turning and one that uses the oscillating hitch.
Hauling. Learn basic hauling procedures and gain an understanding of the capabilites of the Articulated Truck in full load conditions.
Braking. Focus on proper service braking and engine compression braking on three different terrain grades.
Loading -Through the Gate. Learn basic operations and safety procedures to perform a drive by loading approach.
Loading – Over the Rail. Learn basic operations and safety procedures for loading material using a perpendicular loading approach.
Unloading. Learn basic unloading techniques. The exercise will cover proper procedures for approaching the unloading zone and unloading material within a construction site.
Full Production Cycle. Learn how to operate the truck through a full production cycle. The exercise will combine all the tasks and skills learned in previous exercises: driving through rugged terrain, being loaded, hauling a load, unloading into a pit and braking.
Open Training. Allows instructor to expand functionality of simulator to customize training for each user according to individual needs.
Articulated truck in mud
Articulated truck simulator exercise dumping

Articulated Truck Training Measurements

The Articulated Truck simulator measures results in the following areas:

  • Execution Time 
  • Fuel Burned
  • Time Spent With Service Brake Engaged
  • Time Spent In Reverse
  • Number Of Engine Overspeed Warnings Issued
  • Number Of Other Collisions
  • Times Service Brake Used
  • Time Spent With Engine Compression Brake Engaged
  • Distance Driven With Park Brake Engaged
  • Time Spent Off Course
  • Number Of Times Off Course
  • Number Of Laps Completed
  • Time Spent Positioning Machine For Loading
  • Volume Of Material Moved
Articulated truck simulator
Articulated truck filled with dirt

Experience More Features

  • Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, French, Danish & Chinese
  • Motion Platform: The simulator is available with a motion platform that allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises.

Cat® Simulators Articulated Truck Exercise Video: Unloading

Wheel loader loading dirt